Chelsea gets a crypto company to put on a new sleeve for 20 million baht per year

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Chelsea Football Club is doing well with all its corporate activities on and off the pitch. Because in addition to smashing Leeds 3-0. Pointing to the Champions League ticket also has a new left sleeve sponsor willing to pay 20 million pounds per year ufabet.

Report from ‘ Sky Sports ‘ that after the South Korean automaker’s contract expires at the end of this season. The new board of directors, led by Todd Bohly and partners. That is looking for companies and stores that want to join the new chapter at Stamford Bridge.  

Until the fate of exchange companies , buy – sell cryptocurrencies named Welfin have the opportunity to sit at the negotiating table until the price is knock at 20 million pounds – per – year.  

It led to an official partnership statement that new sponsors will be in place on both the men’s and women’s Chelsea shirts starting from the 2022-23 season. But it’s unclear how long the handshake will last.  

“ This is an exciting move for the club. that we have partnered with one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency companies , ” said Chelsea Chief Executive Guy Lorenz.  

“ On behalf of Amber Group trying to take their platform to a global level Now they not only have the opportunity to communicate with the hundreds of millions of Chelsea fans scattered around the world. ” 

“ But it also spreads to the public, which follows billions of Premier League footballers per season . ”

Since the release of the left sleeve sponsorship, Welfin has been the club’s second-only brand.