Simeone has hailed the game as the best version of Atletico

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Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone hailed Wednesday’s 0-0 draw with Manchester City as the best version of Atletico Madrid.

Atletico Madrid head coach Diego Simeone has reveal he is satisfy with the performances his players performed in the midweek clash with Manchester City. Citing it as the best version of the Atletico team. Even if it doesn’t get the desired results Before the Atletico team will open their home against Espanyol on the Liga stage this Sunday. As reported by Marca on Saturday.

Simeone made his first media appearance since leaving a press conference midweek. After the Manchester City game after being lured in by reporters asking. If he would give Real Madrid advice on how to fight it. Pep Guardiola’s sailing team or not, to which the Argentine coach replied no and immediately left the press conference. 

However, Simeone’s press conference ahead of Sunday’s game against Parrots was less stressful than before. The Argentine coach insists that right now it’s just a matter of focusing on the Atletico team’s ufabet performance.

‘The biggest challenge we have is showing what the players have seen in the last game. They as players and us as technical staff show that we can be competitive. And the challenge is to make sure everyone is involve. Both those who play and those who do not play

Simeone added that he is happy with Atletico’s form regardless of the result of Wednesday’s latest game. ‘There was a lot of effort as you can see. The team knew they played a good game that didn’t achieve their goals. But they were calm from giving everything. And when you give your best You can work calmly.’

When asked about his personal feelings about how satisfied he was. To which the Argentine coach replied that this is the best version of the ‘Los Rojblancos’ army.

‘I feel great. When you show your best form We are not perfect and football is the result of the game. But we are calm because we have given everything.’