Tottenham Hotspur losing to Brighton 0-1

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Tottenham Hotspur threw the opportunity to take advantage of the 4th place. When playing ufabet low standards until losing to Brighton 0-1, the point is still the same. But they have played two more matches than 5th ranked Arsenal.

English Premier League

Spurs 0- Brighton 1 

Scorer: 0-1 Trossars at 90 

Stadium: Tottenham Hotspor Stadium 

Tottenham made one change from the 4-0 win over Aston Villa, with wing-back Sergio Reguilon replacing Matt Doherty, who has been ruled out for the rest of the season. The front forward hopes that Dejan Kulusevski , Son Heung – min supports Harry Kane ‘s target spear .

Graeme Potter ‘s team also changed 1 point, calling Tyrek Lamptey as a real right-back winger. after missing the previous match  

Opportunity to inform the final team as the visiting team greets the 23 minute cross ball into the frame . Leandro Trossar heads up to the front of the penalty area into the way of Enoch Mwepu, a shot deflecting the blocker, lunging at the post not far.  

Than the ‘ Golden Spikes Chicken ‘ got a chance to win until the 38th minute , Reguilon headed for Ken in the frame to beat the hair, but Mark Gugureya read through the block in time. The first half ended with a bland 0-0 .

Returning to play in the second half , Spurs began to put more pressure in the 57th minute from playing counter-attacks, coordinated 2 people, Son Heung – Min entrusted to Pierre Emil Hoibek and flowed back to the South Korean striker in the penalty area. Gai but still has Trossar down to block in time.