‘Ancelotti’ insists he respects Kroos decision.

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Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti insists he is ready to respect Toni Kroos decision, no matter which path the player chooses to take next.

Kroos contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of the season. The German midfielder insists he has not yet made a final decision despite starting to consider the matter.

Recently, in the press conference before the first game of the Champions League round of 16, where Real Madrid are due to visit RB Leipzig on Tuesday, the media did not miss asking ‘Ancelotti’ about Kroos’ situation.

“You have to respect his decision. As I said I think we should stop playing at a high level. It could be this year or next,” Ancelotti said. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“I don’t know this one. Because his work always comes out looking good. He hasn’t had any ups and downs, but at some point we have to stop our careers from being at their best. No different from the case of trainers.

“The motivation is not about championships or money. For these players it is about playing football. They love doing these things. They did well and Kroos has a lot of respect for that. If he still has it he can carry on.”

Carlo Ancelotti spoke ahead of Real Madrid’s top of the table clash with Girona, and one of the topics raised was the potential retirement of Toni Kroos at the end of the season, and Ancelotti said, “what do I think? I think if he does that, he has character, he has balls.” He was also asked if Kroos should follow his mother’s advice to stay at the club, where he added, “we always have to respect our parents, and that’s something which is missing in these generations. It’s a decision which Toni will take at the right time and in the right way.”