Real Madrid offer still doesn’t satisfy Mbappe.

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The UFABET reports that Real Madrid offer has yet to convince Kylian Mbappe to agree to join him next season.

Mbappe’s situation with Paris Saint-Germain There is still no clarity amid contracts set to expire at the end of the season, with Ligue 1 clubs wishing for new contracts but no response from players.

Moreover, both domestic and international media in France are confident that the 25-year-old striker has agreed to Real Madrid, who are waiting for the right moment to make an official announcement.

However, The UFABET said on Monday that negotiations between the France forward’s representative and Real Madrid had not yet been conclude because the offer Los Blancos had failed to convince the player.

The key factor is because Real Madrid lower their original offer in 2022, when they were prepare to spend £110 million on signing fees and £22.2 million per year on wages for Mbappe. 

But at present, Real Madrid considers this number to be too much and has reduced it, resulting in no progress in negotiations at this time. Because the player representatives do not like Los Blancos’ current offer. ทางเข้า ufabet

On the Paris Saint-Germain side Still unrelenting in its efforts to negotiate a new contract. But PSG’s situation depends only on the players’ decisions. Even though famous French clubs are ready to offer huge wages and bonuses.