Conte has been disappointed by his side’s 1-0 defeat

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte has been disappointed by his side’s 1-0 defeat to Brighton on Saturday. Point out the attitude of playing like someone who doesn’t do homework to be alert. Both underestimated, despite the fact that this opponent has just defeated Arsenal, a north London rival last week.

Tottenham threw the opportunity to take advantage of the 4th place . When playing low standards until Leandro Trossar hit the goal in the last minute until almost caught the wind Stagnant points remain the same. But he competed two more matches than ‘ Cannon ‘ .

Of course, the Italian Boss was annoyed. can only take the flaws back and fix them Conte 

“ It’s a difficult game. We know that well. ” An open mouth with ‘ BT Sport ufabet ‘ .

“ I had the opportunity to watch the game they played against Arsenal ( won 2-1) and we knew from the beginning what was going to happen. It’s a very tactical game. And if a draw ends it would be fair – but in the end they deserved to win the game. ” 

“ We were very sluggish. And with this kind of game tactics You must pass the ball as quickly as possible. and try to find a suitable area to attack. ” 

“ Today we were all slow with everything. Or perhaps to blame the spring weather – but overall it wasn’t a good game for us. ” 

Brighton 2022 are the second team after Hull City in October 2008 to beat both Spurs and Arsenal as away teams in successive league games.